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After Sinister ... (I need a new goal!)

After Sinister ... (I need a new goal!)


Monday, June 04, 2018

Eileen Backman

  1. Why Small Group Training?
    18 May, 2019
    Why Small Group Training?
    Why Small Group Training? At Just Kettlebells, all of our group classes are “small group training” – usually 3-6 people per class. And while it is true that is all the people my small studio will allow right now per class (we are currently searching for a bigger space), even when we find a bigger space, we are still going to stick with small group training, because it works. If I was up in the Chicago area, I might call these “semi-private sessions.” Because that is really what they are. You
  2. Learning from Failure:  The Early End to the April Squat Challenge
    20 Apr, 2019
    Learning from Failure: The Early End to the April Squat Challenge
    Today during class I announced the early end to the April Squat Challenge.  Actually, for me, the challenge ended on Wednesday.  That  morning I took a bike ride and had no desire to squat at any point for the rest of the day (still getting my riding legs back!).  And so I missed a day.  And “poof” just like that, my motivation was gone. But I know from experience that sometimes, it is okay to quit. Especially if what you are doing no longer serves its purpose.   I tend to get a bit obsessive
  3. On Returning to the Dome of Strength and Thoughts about Being Awesome.
    12 Mar, 2019
    On Returning to the Dome of Strength and Thoughts about Being Awesome.
    In about 6 weeks, I will be returning to the Dome of Strength, this time to pursue a Level II StrongFirst Certification. I was at the Dome 2 years ago, when I had the honor to assist on Master StrongFirst Instructor and now StrongFirst CEO Fabio Zonin’s team. And 2 years before that, I attended my Level I Certification weekend at the age of 47. I had now idea then, and am often still surprised today, that my dream would really become a reality. That I would own my own fitness studio. That I
  4. 10 Reasons to do a Swing Challenge
    20 Jan, 2019
    10 Reasons to do a Swing Challenge
    Just Kettlebells is currently in the midst of their first annual January Swing Challenge. I say first annual, because I am pretty sure we are going to do this every year. The challenge was to set a goal for how many kettlebell swings (any style, and snatches count too) that you could do in the month of January. If at the end of the month, you meet your goal, you win a free class or a $10 just Kettlebells gift certificate. And the person that has the most swings in the month will win 5 free
  5. Scars Too Are Beautiful*
    26 Jul, 2018
    Scars Too Are Beautiful*
    I often wonder when I meet someone new – particularly a new client---what they think about my scar. It’s not like they don’t notice it (though it is rare that anyone comments). It is a pretty long scar from the top of my shoulder half way down my arm. Beneath the scar is a metal plate and fourteen pins that have been doing a substantially phenomenal job holding my right humerus together. It’s quite impressive really :). But I sometimes worry if they think that I somehow injured my arm from
  6. Why I Train ...
    22 Jul, 2018
    Why I Train ...
    For the first 40 years of my life I did not exercise at all. Okay, I did have short stint with running when I was 18 (until my ankles blew up like balloons), and an even shorter stint with swimming in college (hindered by my inability to keep the water from going up my nose). But I was never was one of those people that liked to exercise. But I did like being active. I was always relatively thin (and sometimes very thin). As a young kid I played outside (remember those days?) and I rode my pink
  7. It is Our Weakness that Binds Us?
    27 Feb, 2018
    It is Our Weakness that Binds Us?
    "It Is Our Weakness That Binds Us." I heard this saying last week in a different sort of forum, and it has been in my head ever since. As an instructor of strength, I was having a hard time swallowing the idea that weakness would be good for anything. Ask Fabio Zonin (the newly appointed CEO of StrongFirst) which side is his weak side, and he will tell you he doesn’t have a weak side – just one strong side and one strong-ER side. This is the message of strength I have been taught and carried
  8. Chasing Sinister ... Still
    22 Dec, 2017
    Chasing Sinister ... Still
    As those of you who follow my Just Kettlebells Facebook page know, I have spent much of 2017 Chasing Sinister. That was not my intention when I started the year, my only goals were to re-certify my Level I, and hopefully get an opportunity to assist at the Dome (which I did and it was amazing). But the idea came to me to program a modification of Simple and Sinister Training for my Level II am class. At that time I had been working with the same 5 class members for over 6 months, and I thought
  9. Thanksgiving Blog:  Being Grateful for the Difficulties
    21 Nov, 2017
    Thanksgiving Blog: Being Grateful for the Difficulties
    Thanksgiving: Being Grateful for the Difficulties I know, it is that time of year we are supposed to recite how we are grateful for all of the wonderful things in our lives. And trust me, I have many joys and gifts for which I am thankful each and every day. But when it comes to my pursuit of strength, it is the struggles I am most grateful for. So in my Thanksgiving Blog this year, I would like to share about some of my difficulties – you know, the crappy things that happen — that turn out in